Why Stitch


Strengthen brand loyalty

Subscription memberships are the way to strengthen your brand's loyalty in a long-term, sustainable way.

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Friends at a brewery laughing
Owner helping a patron at juice shop

Automate all the admin work

We know memberships can be a pain to manage, so we take care of that administrative work for you.


Create new avenues for customer engagement

Our platform is designed to keep customers coming back to your storefront, time and time again.

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Keep tabs without any overwhelm

With easy-to-understand metrics and top-notch support, you'll barely need to lift a finger to know the status of your membership program.

Unlimited Memberships & Patrons

Create and offer as many memberships or program tiers as you want.

Recurring Payment Processing

10, 100, or 1000 patrons? More? No worries. We have you covered.

Secure Payment Processing

Securely process recurring membership payments automatically.

Connect to Other Applications

Integrate seamlessly to Mailchimp & Stripe to manage your loyalty program even better.