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Drive top-line recurring revenue, increase customer loyalty and engagement with subscription membership clubs.

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Return On Investment

Average across all Stitch customers


Annual Recurring Revenue

Generated by businesses using Stitch in 2021


Benefits Redeemed

By patrons at their favorite local stores

Build a tight-knit community for your business

Stitch powers subscription membership clubs for every day businesses – helping them drive recurring revenue and a tight-knit community of patrons.


More likely to purchase from you every week


More likely to choose you over your competitors


More likely to spend more at your business

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Who can use Stitch?

Stitch can help brick-and-mortar businesses everywhere join the subscription economy. Here are some examples:

For Breweries & Taprooms

Offer a mug club, or a prepaid pint subscription.

For Restaurants

Give your most loyal customers a special offer, like free appetizers or an entrée per month.

For Fitness Studios

Manage your students’ monthly memberships and attendance.

For Pet Daycare

Create a package deal for parents of fur babies. You could even add in a monthly bath for their pets!

For Coffee Shops

Let your patrons pay you monthly for a hot cup of joe per day.

For Non-profits

Give patrons a low-effort way to fund your cause and still make a difference.

Oh, the possibilities!

There are so many more ways every day businesses like yours can harness the power of Stitch. Not sure how Stitch could help you? Reach out to our team to talk options.

Custom memberships. Zero hassle.

Stitch simplifies subscription memberships for your business. Customer engagement with zero headache.

Create Your Membership

It’s your membership, which means it’s your rules. Design a membership your patrons will love with Stitch.

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Promote Your Membership Site

Shout it from rooftops, storefronts, poster boards, online, and at the cash register. Let your patrons know your membership is live.

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Redeem In-store

You loyal patrons can redeem their benefits by simply showing their phone screen to one of your staff members.

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Leave The Details to Us

Stitch will handle membership billing, status, benefit tracking, and more while you focus on building your own tight-knit community.

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